Monday, June 11, 2007

On Boticelli's Venus and Mars
for File at

brad in tolouse
said venus was but a smile away
and mars
barred and needing company
came too close

but then
in that special moment of angry weakness
was enfolded
and one onto another and
they fought
in the flood of celestial pleasure
drowning all the deathway to it's
momentary cherabin-piped

and where they gave in

and where they drowned in her
flooded tapestry, and,
only the drying paint of memory remains....

or so brad boticelli would have had it....
had he been around
in tolouse that day....

I keep the painting to remind me anyway,
and use it for
occasional display....


file said...

blimey, even a dedication, cheers blu!

DoctorShoot said...

my pleasure dude