Monday, June 11, 2007

diy relationships for file at

"dont call me i'll call you"
she said with a sneer
and I knew as i tapped out
my message with cheer
(the sort derived from superiority one gets
knowing one's best skills are not listed on the net)

"my dear lets not force it" I said
"for we both know your failure
to fix what is broken
(inter alia my heart - and the staler
relationship we now disenjoy... and my cd stacker your axe to deploy)
will all bring you undone someday"
AND i SENT IT. knowing she would drown
in her see through nightie....
signed brad. and now through the mail your flighty

anticipated recanting from eye fluids crocodile river released
overstated underwhelming and no love words unleashed
but i know that she loves me as the rain makes her paler
she wants me she needs me
she's drowning....
that little brad nailer


file said...

alright, alright, I'm gonna get me quill out...I wonder if you still come here, I'm a bit late I know...

DoctorShoot said...

I check in every now and then...
not exactly a cascade of responses and no way of knowing how many visitors...

file said...

I'm still working on something for thee

actually DS, there is a way to know how many folk come here, you need some software, I'll ask Lord Ebren what it is

btw, in the mechanical bit of this blogger site there is a box you can tick to let you know whenever anyone posts, it sends an automatic email to your good self, automatic for the people

file said...


I wonder if I should PM this but anyway;

there are also lots of ways you can get more hits on your site it you wanted to

lots of authors these days are working with blogs and lots of publishers these days are looking through blogs for the next Tolstoy or Wolfe, my feeling is that if one stopped by you'd be snapped up in an instant

don't have too much time to research this at the mo, but it's on my list and I'll happily share what I find if you like?

DoctorShoot said...

thank you my friend.
I am something of a simpleton when it comes to organising my own exposure.
am working on 'running the bulls - second skin' which is in three parts - big job of work
plus, as your work is also demonstrating, securing this cable, that rope, the big platform, etc etc simeltaneously

file said...

I still come here in the hopes of hooking up with you Doc, but looks like there is some weird stuff happening with Google and firewalls at the moment...

file said...

ah, I see you've reset the blog mechanics, no need to publish this then but my plan was to tap in a few parts in the hope of attracting your attention by boosting the comments figure!!

Perhaps you meant to do it this way but there is also a way for you to allow folk to post instantly while also alerting you to there posts...

replied to your email today but not sure if you got it or not, or even you are going to get this, sigh

the software for checking visits to this site is freely available at:

and at:

please let me know if this has got to you,at the 3rd time of sending!

really sorry you can't access other stuff either, what firewall are you using that allows pseuds and not OS? Crazy

Artists that have time for marketing are a rare breed indeed, but Picasso and Dali might be good models for us eh?

file said...

btw way you are welcome to just email me at my personal account which is visible on Zeph's 'Ok, enough already' thread